Steve Riddle

Steve Riddle grew up in North Carolina and started as a carpenter’s helper carrying lumber at the age of 15, starting from the bottom learning the craftsman construction techniques that would later lead to a career. While attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, working towards an Economics degree, he took a position as a Superintendent managing 3 communities. This job was rewarding and provided a feeling of accomplishment. One day during an economics class, the professor asked a question. If a ship with one hundred lives is sinking and there is a life boat that holds ten lives, who gets a seat on the boat and why? Steve’s response to the professor was another question; "Why not build more life boats?"

Over the next twenty five years in the construction business, Steve’s construction evolution included positions as Superintendent, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Construction Manager, Vice President of Construction and Construction Business Owner.  He has been responsible for over $200 million gross construction, during that time frame. 

Steve believes; “The key to a successful business is relationships. Relationships are the most valuable asset a company can obtain and maintaining those relationships will lead to success.”